The “Panda” of China

The Modern Gold Bullion Family of Coins  –  Part 2

The Panda of  China


A 1oz Golden Panda Bullion Coin


Another one of our ‘Bullion Coin Family’ is the Chinese Panda, (also known as the Frolicking Panda).

The Panda Bullion Coin is issued by the Bank of China / People’s Republic of China (PRC).  It was first introduced in 1982 and is one of the most popular bullion coins available.


As with the other members of the ‘Gold Bullion Family of Coins’,  China’s Panda coin bears some of its Country’s most well-known images on either side.

The obverse side of the Panda features the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, which is one of China’s most important religious sites.  The reverse side, naturally, has a portrait of China’s most famous animal, the giant panda.  The Panda image is re-designed every year, which also makes it a very attractive collector’s coin.


Interestingly, the Panda design is not the only element which has changed in recent years.

Originally the Panda was available in five different sizes  ;  1 oz,  1/2 oz,  1/4 oz,  1/10th oz,  1/20th oz.

2001 Gold Panda 1 oz Coin


However, now they are available in five different (!) different sizes   ;   30 gr,  15 gr,  8 gr,  3 gr,  1 gr

2018 Gold Panda 30 gram coin


It is not possible to buy these bullion coins directly from the Bank of China as a collector, but there are numerous outlets where you can obtain them via well-known and reputable coin dealers and traders.


If you wanted to find out more about the Bank of China,

their UK website is :  http://www.bankofchina.com/uk

and their Global website is  :  http://www.boc.cn/en

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