The “Maple Leaf” of Canada


The Modern Gold Bullion Family of Coins  –  Part 6

The Maple Leaf  of  Canada

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz Bullion Coin


Another one of our ‘Bullion Coin Family’ is the Maple Leaf  from Canada.

Bearing the unmistakable “Maple Leaf”, which is one of Canada’s most famous exports (Maple Syrup) and of course appears on the National Flag of Canada.


Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, it is the official Bullion Coin of Canada.  The Mint produces all of Canada’s coins for general circulation, as well as its gold and silver bullion products.


First released in 1979, the gold Maple Leaf continues to be an appealing coin for both collectors and investors.   In fact, it has proved to be so popular, that more than 25 million troy ounces of the coin have been minted since it was first introduced.

The Canadian Maple Leaf was the first bullion coin to achieve the coveted “Four Nines” in the purity race of metallurgy refining back in 1979.


Today’s 1 oz gold Maples have a pure gold content of  31.1 grams, are minted in 24 carat gold and are 999.9 fine (99.99%).

The Maple Leaf is available in five different sizes  :   1 oz,  1/2 oz,  1/4 oz,  1/10th oz,  1/20th oz.


The Royal Canadian Mint, seem to be constantly innovating and creating imaginative and unusual designs and themes to their coins.

They hold an extensive range of collectable coins, which are not just made of gold and silver,

but have coloured graphics, semi-precious stones embedded, hologramsamazing shapes and even coins that glow in the dark !

They truly do love their work!

One of the innovative new coins from the Royal Canadian Mint


To have a browse at the huge range of coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.  Their website is  :   http://www.mint.ca


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