The “Britannia” of Great Britain

The Modern Gold Bullion Family of Coins  –  Part 7

The Britannia  of Great Britain

1oz Britannia Bullion Coin of Great Britain


The Britannia is a bullion grade coin, minted by The Royal Mint, UK.

‘Britannia’ is the Roman name given to the UK in honour of a strong female warrior.  The Britannia coin is named after this iconic symbol.  This image of the British Islands has endured for over 2,000 years and celebrates a small part of Great Britain’s long and colourful history.


Introduced in 1987 and issued every year since.  The first design was created by sculptor Philip Nathan of the Royal Mint who continues today with many of Britannia‘s different designs.

These changing designs and special issues makes the Britannia a collector’s favourite.  Even though Britannia is updated on a regular basis, an image of the Roman Warrior Britannia is always featured on the reverse of these coins


Available in several different values and weights ;  1oz,  ½ oz,  ¼ oz,  1/10th oz,  1/20th oz,  1/40th oz.  These can be bought either separately or in collector’s sets.

The 1oz gold Britannia is struck in 24 carat gold and have a pure gold content of 31.10 grams.  It is one of those coins which have achieved the coveted “four nines” purity of 999.99 parts per 1000, or 99.99% purity.


The Gold Britannia is extremely attractive to UK investors.  Because the coins have British Legal Tender” status, these gold coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), making them a great investment for the future.  They are also VAT-free for non-VAT registered private individuals (unlike the Silver Britannia’s which do incur VAT).


To view the complete range of Coins and Bullion offered by the Royal Mint, their website address is  :   http://www.royalmint.com


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