Kylie Minogue’s Golden Bottom !

I was quietly pleased with myself when I had this idea pop into my head.  Why?

Because I get to show you one of the most perfect little behind’s on the planet,

play you a funky dance video

and still stay on the subject of GOLD!!

One of our favourite ‘Famous Gold Lovers’ is Kylie Minogue and those famous Gold Hot-pants.

The Lovely Kylie Minogue and her famous GOLD HOT PANTS !!

Kylie won “Rear of the Year” after shaking her petite derriere in a pair of skintight Gold Hot-pants for her Spinning Around music video in 2000.

For those who don’t know the legend behind the hot-pants, you will be amused to learn that she only paid 50p for them from a London Market.

She had bought them a few years before she made them immortal in that video (mid 1990s), for a fancy dress party she was going to in London.

Those hot-pants were the best 50 pence she ever spent,

because not only have they won her numerous accolades,

transformed her image from poodle-permed pop star to international sex symbol,

but we are still talking about them 20 years later!

Kylie’s stylist, William Baker, suggested that she wear the iconic hot-pants for the Spinning Around video.  And the rest…  as they say…  is history!


Enjoy the video !  (Click on Kylie)

Kylie Minogue and those Gold Hot Pants


Kylie Minogue’s Website address is  :  http://www.kylie.com


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