The Kiss is one of Gustav Klimt’s most famous later paintings and one of the most widely reproduced.  It has appeared on everything from wall posters to shopping bags.

Klimt’s large painting was first exhibited in 1908 at the Kunstschau Exhibition, Vienna.

This painting was bought for the Austrian Nation before the exhibition had even ended.  This purchase was considered one of the highest honours given to Klimt by his own country.

The Kiss is another of Klimt’s paintings created during his “Golden Style” period when he used a considerable amount of gold paint and real gold leaf throughout his works.

It is believed these paintings were highly popular because of the huge amount of gold used to create them.

It was extremely unusual for an artist to use such vast amounts of gold in their work, despite the belief that gold was considered to have magical powers and religious connotations.  It was considered sheer opulence and an unnecessary extravagance to use such expensive and costly materials within art in this way.

In The Kiss, Klimt uses gold’s natural glow to create an aura around the lover’s which highlights their love and passion for each other, whilst at the same time gives them a private environment just for the two of them which is away from everything else around them.

It is a wonderfully tender and enduring image of all-consuming love which showcases Gustav Klimt’s many extraordinary talents.


GUSTAV KLIMT – The Kiss (1907/8)



TITLE :  The Kiss

PAINTED :  1907/8

FORMAT  :  Oil, Gold Leaf , Silver Leaf and Platinum Flakes on Canvas

SIZE  :  180 cm  x  180 cm

GUSTAV KLIMT WEBSITE  :    http://www.klimt.com

LOCATED  :   Oesterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria.  (The Belvedere Gallery)

MUSEUM WEBSITE  :     http://www.belvedere.at/gustav-klimt


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