What on Earth am I talking about ?!

My very first post…. and the first of many !!    It seemed only right that my first post should be about why I am here and what I hope to offer my readers in the future.


Quite simply  :  it’s ALL about GOLD !


I hadn’t realised until recently that I have developed quite a considerable obsession with gold over the years. I just can’t get enough of the stuff!  I’m not just talking about gold as a beautiful glorious yellow metal, I’m talking about everything gold.  It wasn’t until I started reading more about it, that I realised I’m not the only one obsessed with this gorgeous precious metal.


I am going to look at everything I can possibly find out about gold. The metal, what it is used for, how it was found, historical information about it, ancient civilisation’s obsession with it, the up’s and down’s in its value, and a whole host of quirky and interesting facts about gold. I can’t wait to get stuck in and hope you will join me along the way whilst I indulge my wonderful obsession with gold.


So that I can get a regular fix, I even watch those programmes on the Discovery Channel, just so I can see it. You know the ones; Gold Rush, Gold Divers etc.  I don’t watch them because I think they are particularly good programmes, I watch them for the last ten minutes… the WEIGH-IN!  The sight of all that beautiful, raw, shiny gold being poured onto the scales and weighing in at 100, 200, 300 ounces, is an absolute joy for a sad gold-addict such as myself!!

BEAUTIFUL Pan full of Gold!
  One of the many programmes about gold from                        the ‘Discovery Channel’

I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed or proud to admit that I have even painted my bathroom metallic gold.  I also have a piece of wire art of entwinned leaves, sprayed gold on the wall. It looks a lot nicer than it sounds (honestly!).  I even bought a gold toilet seat, but it had different fittings to those on my loo, so it had to go back.  Believe me, I was absolutely gutted, it was perfect!


For the future, I promise not to talk about toilets anymore (unless I find something really interesting of course), and hope you will join me whilst I obsess about gold and enjoy some of the quirky content I plan to bring you along the way !!


If you’ve never experienced the sight of lots of raw gold being weighed, look at the Discovery Channel’s “GOLD RUSH” programme  :  https://www.discoveryuk.com/shows/goldrush

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