About Me

Hi! I’m Dee Gold. Thanks for visiting my blog which is dedicated entirely to my obsession with Gold … I am MAD ABOUT GOLD … just about sums it up.

Gold has always been a source of fascination for me… in fact it is more than that, it’s a mad obsession!  I want to find out EVERYTHING I possibly can about it.

My love of gold isn’t based on a greedy materialistic obsession, but upon its beauty, the wonderful bright colour it has, and the fact that it seems to be made from pure sunshine !

It’s incredible just how many places it appears in our everyday lives which most people probably don’t even realise.

I am going to share as many different facts and examples about gold as I possibly can.  I will find all sorts of interesting stories and tales surrounding it.  And hope that I can spark your interest in this most amazingly beautiful of metals.

I will give you websites where you can find out more in-depth information about each particular article.

If I come across ways to own some gold for yourself, which doesn’t cost a fortune, I will certainly share those with you too because I will be at the front of the queue !

I hope you enjoy reading all about gold and hopefully you will love it as much as I do ?!

Thank you very much

You can contact me on : deegold@madaboutgold.com

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